New Beta version of TriplePlay software features AAX support for ProTools 11 and above

Pro Tools 11 AAX

TriplePlay users have always been able to use the product as a direct controller for Pro Tools, in the past, but we didn’t have a compatible plug-in version of our software that could be hosted in the ProTools software.  Lately, we’ve been working on an update that includes an AAX plug-in.  Currently, only the Mac version of our Beta software has AAX support.  We are still working on a release that makes Windows AAX compatible.  Note that TriplePlay will not host AAX plug-ins and continues to only host VST.  We’re likely going to be posting stable Beta versions of new TP releases going forward, which is really cool. But, since we don’t have them up currently, now that the Betas seems stable, I thought it would be good to put links here on the blog. NOTE THAT THESE ARE BETA VERSIONS. This software has been tested in our software labs and is considered stable, but has not been completely tested and released. Until officially released, support will be limited, so it is not recommended to be installed in production environments. All TriplePlay releases, current, beta and legacy, can be found here.

Release Notes:

  • TriplePlay AAX plugin is now available for use with Pro Tools (Mac Only)
  • Numerous internal improvements to hardware synth functionality, including data processing, patch display elements, parameters, and program changes
  • Added improved foot pedal integration and enhanced functionality
  • Patches that are missing one or more VST synths and therefore will not sound correctly are listed in red
  • Improved audio interface settings, buffer size, and sample rate changes within the TriplePlay preferences window
  • Improved launch time for the application
  • The Performance pane now accurately lists all synth/plugin names under all conditions
  • Improved save times for patch edits
  • Data artifacts generated by plugging or unplugging an audio interface are now filtered from appearing in the output channel of the mixer
  • Plugins that fail to load after being scanned are now listed in red in the Sound Selection window
  • Implemented code improvements to the Songs window functionality
  • Greatly improved the caching process of patches within Songs to facilitate live performance and enable near instantaneous patch changes
  • Navigating through the Menu Tree with the controller’s D-pad no longer incorrectly dirties the patch under specific circumstances
  • Clarified language for patch change warnings under the Options menu tab
  • Fixed an issue where sounds from certain user patches could end up in other user patches if they had been dragged to the user list in a specific order
  • Sounds no longer inadvertently appear in the No Sound patch after scrolling through patches
  • An update to the firmware will correctly maintain splits’ parameters after a receiver/controller connection is lost and then recovered, due to interference, distance, etc.
  • The controller will automatically power itself off at extremely low battery levels when performance of the device will be adversely affected by the low charge
  • Cancelling ‘scan for sounds’ in mid-scan no longer clears the list of already scanned plugins
  • Changes to patches made within a DAW session are no longer inadvertently applied to those same patches in the TriplePlay standalone
  • Improved stability when instantiating TriplePlay plugin within DAWs
  • String sensitivity is now adjustable when using within a DAW

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