Trouble with Kontakt: crashing when Kontakt window is closed

Native Instruments has a known issue with their newest release of Kontakt Player, 5.3.0, when used in 32-bit software like the 32-bit version of TriplePlay.  For this reason, we’ve suggested not updating Kontakt in the TriplePlay installation guides, but this may create an issue with a few of the default patches.  There is a workaround.  You can update to a newer but not the newest version of Kontakt Player by going to the Native Instruments Website.  Login, using the username and numeric password (this is not a password you chose, but a number emailed to you when you registered your NI products originally).

Then, click on support, downloads, updates.  Once there, you can select your registered product, and you’ll see the various downloads.  Choose Kontakt Player 5.2.1.  If you have already installed 5.3, and are experiencing the bug (NI will crash if you open Kontakt in TriplePlay and then close the Kontakt window), you can downgrade simply by installing the older version above.  The installer will recognize that you are attempting to downgrade, and will proceed when you give the OK.

Once you’ve downloaded the installer, you must open it and then double click on the installer file to proceed.  Native Instruments is actively working on this bug, so this should hopefully not be an issue after an update to 5.3.0 (presumably 5.3.1) is released.

  • Posted on November 27th, 2013
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