Plugging In the Receiver: A Brief Tutorial

I noticed that an online publication recently stated that the physical design of the TriplePlay’s receiver will not allow another cable to be plugged into the USB port next to it. And this is absolutely true, if (as on my MacBook Pro) you plug the TriplePlay receiver into the left USB port:



Plug it into the rightmost USB port, however, and you will be just fine:


Using TriplePlay directly with 5-Pin DIN external MIDI hardware

This is sort of a follow up to an earlier post regarding using TriplePlay to an external synth via a DAW.  Some customers ask if it is possible to use the product without a computer at all, and it is.  I have yet to see external MIDI modules with USB input (type A connector).  Sound modules like this may exist; I just haven’t come across one.  If there is a USB connector on this type of device, it is usually a type B connector, intended to run MIDI via USB out from your keyboard/module to a computer and back from your computer to the device.

To plug in your TriplePlay USB receiver you need a device with a type A connector which can receive USB MIDI information and provide compliant power to the receiver.  Similarly, I have not seen many external devices intended to translate USB MIDI to 5 Pin MIDI.  Nearly all such devices on the market are intended to do the opposite, to translate 5 Pin MIDI to USB for connection to a computer.  But, there is one currently available product I’ve seen that can do this, the Kenton USB MIDI Host.  I was able to find one in the US on eBay.  It isn’t a widely available device, but it can be purchased just about anywhere, if you’re willing to purchase online.

Kenton MIDI USB Host

We’ve tested a wide range of hardware MIDI devices using this product here in our lab.  Just connect your TriplePlay USB receiver to the USB port on the Kenton device and use the 5-Pin DIN MIDI OUT port to connect to the input of your hardware.  Make sure you’ve completed the pairing procedure and that your USB receiver and controller are paired.  Also, note that you can send some of the same commands to the MIDI IN port on the Kenton with a USB foot controller (for example) that you can with our software.  Patch up/down and program change commands will engage with your TriplePlay controller via wireless.   These commands are detailed in the TriplePlay user documentation.  See the user guide for more information on Hardware Mode, Hardware Mode Patches and Hardware Synth.  You can setup your TriplePlay controller to have the parameters you want, when addressing hardware devices directly, by using our TriplePlay software as a utility and saving these settings to the device.

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