Issues authorizing Native Instruments when using Boot Camp

Thanks to TriplePlay user Ron Jankowski who was having nightmares trying to authorize his Native Instrument package on a computer setup with BootCamp.  Native Instruments told him Boot Camp installations were not supported, but he found a nice workaround:

I have isolated the issue and fixed it. There is most likely a problem with BootCamp drives because of the multi boot process and the new NI service center module can’t deal with it. All the installation processes worked just fine  – only the activation process didn’t work.

I used the offline method to activate and all works well now.
1) I again removed every part of the package from my Windows drive.  I then loaded the NI iso file as another drive.I unplugged my IMAC from the internet and installed the whole package so it could not perform any updates from the website.

2)The service center was then forced into an offline  local mode but it has a method to activate using another computer hooked up to the internet. It lets you create an HTML file with the serial number in it. I followed the instructions as directed and saved it to a USB drive. I then went to another one of my computers and clicked on the file which sent me to the NI site. There the file is reviewed and, if all is working, another file is created to bring back to the original computer which is not on the network.

3)The file had an OK after each of the package modules. I downloaded that file onto the USB drive and went back to the MAC running Win 7 as a BootCamp drive. The NI service center pulled in the file when it was double clicked and it stated all modules were activated.

4)I then plugged in the internet connection and the service center auto updated and showed the 4 updates I needed. They all were downloaded and I installed them with no problems. All the apps in the package run fine now.

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