TriplePlay Hardware Installation

Thinking about getting a TriplePlay, but are unsure whether or not it will fit on your guitar? Have you installed TriplePlay already, but are concerned that you may have done something wrong? Are you a luthier tasked to install a TriplePlay, and would like to know best practices? Are you fundamentally opposed to reading instructions, and prefer the dry thrill of narrated YouTube videos? If you silently nodded ‘yes’ to yourself for any of these, then check out the latest offering below:

0:00 – mounting the controller directly to your guitar’s top
1:45 – mounting the controller to your guitar’s end-pin bracket
2:43 – mounting and adjusting the TriplePlay hex pickup
6:20 – installing TriplePlay on guitars with tune-o-matic bridges
10:14 – bezel swapping trick for tune-o-matics
10:30 – adjusting string sensitivities within the TriplePlay app
11:00 – the pickup still won’t fit! (or, “neck shimming 101”)
14:04 – micro-tilt adjustment

Fishman TriplePlay Hardware Installation

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