Fishman provides the package Komplete Elements with our TriplePlay product, and we’ve created some factory patches which use instruments from the Kontakt and Reaktor libraries included with this set.  If you install this product prior to installing TriplePlay, you will be able to check off a box that installs these Fishman patches, if you want.  “But, what if I already own the full version of Komplete?” some users said.  So, we added a checkbox for owners of the full version of Komplete.  If you install TriplePlay, and our software sees that you have the full version of Komplete, it will default to allow that checkbox and not the Komplete Elements one.  It does this by looking to see if you have certain files that come with the full version of Komplete 8 or above.  If you have those files, it will only allow you to check off the Komplete box and not the elements box.  In either case, the factory patches are the same and use the same instruments.  However they draw those instruments from different locations.  Unfortunately, if you have previously installed the full version of Kontakt (one of the programs that comes with Komplete), the same files are there to make our installer think you have the full version of Komplete.  I know, this is confusing.

Here is the short answer.  If you own a full version of Kontakt, our installer will think you have the full version of Komplete.  It will not allow you to install factory patches from our provided version of Komplete Elements.  But, since you are not a full owner of the software Reaktor, all of the patches using Reaktor (such as Zawinello) will not work.

There are two workarounds:

1 – Uninstall Kontakt.  Install, authorize and update our version of Komplete Elements.  Install TriplePlay and make sure the checkbox for installing the Fishman Komplete Elements factory patches is active.  Then, after this software installation is finished, install your full version of Kontakt.  Make sure not to update the TriplePlay software going forward, or you will have to repeat these steps.  This is obviously quite a pain.

2 – Install TriplePlay.  It will think you have the full version of Komplete.  Install and you will have our full factory patch list for Native Instruments, however your Reaktor patches won’t work (they won’t ever work unless you later purchase Komplete or Reaktor full versions).  But, you can import this file from your TriplePlay software, by going to the “File” pull-down menu and selecting “Import.”  This will give you working versions of all our Reaktor patches in your user patch list.  The patches will import into the first open spaces in your User patch list, but you can move them around later.  Just to be clear.  Your factory patches featuring Reaktor will not work.  However your newly imported copies of the same patches in your User patch list will.

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