TriplePlay 1.4.106 and Pro Tools 12

TriplePlay 1.4 is fully compatible with Pro Tools for Mac (Pro Tools 11 or higher – AAX only). However, there ARE issues using the TriplePlay plugin (any version) in Windows. In earlier versions of Pro Tools, it was possible to overcome the issue by opening the TP standalone application first, but that is no longer possible at this time. The issue stems from the basic way in which Pro Tools handles MIDI ports within the Windows environment, where these ports can’t be released to the TriplePlay plugin. Until this changes, our plugin will not work in Pro Tools for Windows. Pro Tools is the only DAW in Windows where this issue exists.  We do continue to install the AAX plugins on Windows machines, with the hopes that Avid may make changes to Pro Tools to allow TriplePlay plugin compatibility at some future date.

Workaround: While you can’t use the TriplePlay plugin, with Pro Tools in Windows, it is possible to use the TriplePlay hardware to directly control synths and other plugins in Pro Tools for Windows, without using the TriplePlay plugin.   This is also useful for working with TriplePlay in earlier non-AAX versions of Pro Tools.  Check out this video for integrating TriplePlay with Pro Tools 10.  It provides a solid workaround for anyone who wants to use TriplePlay in Pro Tools as a direct controller.

Using TriplePlay 1.4 with mac:

There is a known issue with installing the Pro Tools plugin on some Macs.  TriplePlay is supposed to delete the old TP AAX plugin before installing the new one, but sometimes this does not work.  If you get an error or crash or simply don’t see the TP AAX plugin (Pro Tools 11 or higher ONLY ), you can manually delete the old TP plugin and reinstall TriplePlay 1.4 to fix this issue.

Go to HD->Library->Application Support->Avid->Audio->Plugins and delete the tripleplay.aaxplugin file from that folder.  Then reinstall TriplePlay 1.4 and everything should be fixed.


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