Why don’t I hear pitch bends?

TriplePlay allows the user to set a pitch bend method within its patch parameters.  For more detail on how to do this, or what the different methods mean, I encourage folks to head to www.fishman.com/tripleplay/help and see the user guide for the TriplePlay application.

However, even if you set this method, you may not hear pitch bends if your instrument (software or hardware) does not have a matching pitch bend range to the TriplePlay guitar controller.  By default, the TriplePlay guitar controller is set to a pitch bend range of +-12.  Try and picture what this means.  On a keyboard controller, for example, you may be familiar with the pitch bend wheel:


When you have the TriplePlay hardware set to a pitch bend range (PBR) of +-12, this means bending up a half step on your string sends a message (if you have set a pitch bend parameter as above) to the pitch bend wheel of the virtual instrument or connected keyboard to move the pitch bend wheel 1/12 of its range of forward motion.  Picture what this means if the keyboard itself (or your software synth instrument) is set to a pitch bend range of 2.  This means your software synth instrument will go up in pitch 1 whole step if you bend it 100% forward in its range of forward motion, or a half step if you push it halfway.  So, if you send a keyboard or software synth a message to move 1/12th of its range of motion, and that keyboard is set to a PBR of two, you are going to hear a VERY slight bend, 1/6th of a halfstep, almost not noticeable.  So, you must set your instrument to match the TriplePlay.  You’ll notice all of our factory patches have been set with this pitch bend range already.  One of the things that is a real pain is each instrument (sometimes even various instruments within the same product brand like Kontakt) will put PBR in a DIFFERENT PLACE and call it a DIFFERENT NAME.  I often, when using an instrument for the first time, have to search on Google to find out how and where pitch bend range is set and what it is called.  Here are the three locations for three instruments available with your TriplePlay:


EastWest Pitch Bends

KONTAKT: Instrument Icon (below gears in lh side of instrument) => OPTIONS => PB RANGE +-12

Kontakt pitch bend

SAMPLETANK 3: EDIT (from top left of SampleTank 3 UI) => BEND 12

SampleTank pitch bend

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