Software Authorizations and Updates

I get a lot of user feedback wondering where and how different products can be authorized.  In most cases authorizations and updates are done using specific software applications on your computer.  In some cases, authorization is part of the download process.  Here are some of the authorization procedures for Fishman bundled partner software installations.

SampleTank 2.5: This product comes with your TriplePlay bundle.  You may have installed from a download or you may have installed from a provided USB installation stick.

Komplete Elements: This also comes with the bundle and is included on the USB installation stick as well as by download

Both of these products should be updated and installed using this information from the installation authorization guide that pops up at the end of the USB stick installation package for TriplePlay:

SampleTank 3 is available for download in a special version to suit TriplePlay software installations.  It is available from the download page at

Follow instructions from the TriplePlay 1.4 Update Guide to authorize your product:

The EastWest MIDI Guitar teaser pack is available through EastWest themselves.  To download, you’ll need to follow these instructions from the download page as well.


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